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  1. Admit card camp offices of M.P. (S.E.), 2017 will be held on 10/02/2017
  2. Notification regarding Test Paper
  3. Annual Academic Calender 2017 and Holiday list 2017
  4. Notification regarding fees for C.C. & Compartmental candidates for M.P.(S.E.)-2017
  5. Notification regarding invitation to national talent search & nurture 2016-17
  6. Notification regarding national level painting,essay writing & quiz competition
  7. Notification regarding puja holidays for all schools(primary,upper primary,secondary and higher secondary)will commence on and from 6 th october,2016
  8. Notification regarding mandatory documents for admission to Class V in all schools under WBBSE
  9. Notification regarding class IX & X text book (T.B.) number
  10. Notification regarding spread awareness about the creation of 'Pocso e-button'
  11. Distribution of book of vocational education under NSQF scheme for current academic session
  12. Introduction of 1(one) more Optional Elective Subject [Health Care Sector (HStr.) Code - 90] under NVEQF programme for M.P.(SE),2018 & onwards
  13. Notification regarding some interventions are uploaded herewith on BLISS, English(SL) text book of Class X
  14. Model Structure of Question Papers M.P.-2017
  15. Notifications regarding participating in all india competition on innovative practices and experiments in education for school and teacher education institutions for the year 2016-17,held by NSERT
  16. Notifications regarding Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam IGNITE 16 Competition
  17. Notifications regarding guidelines on curriculum adaptation for children with special need.(No:DS(Aca)/110/S/10(A)/4 dt:31/05/2016).
  18. All School will reopen on 13th June, 2016
  19. Revised schedule of Summative Evaluation for the schools for 2016
  20. Schools will open for students on 16th and 17th May, 2016
  21. Notification regarding Conduct of West Bengal Joint Entrance Examination, 2016
  22. Notifications regarding distribution of books of vocational education under NSQF scheme for current academic session. (No:DS(ACA/93/N/25/1) dt:05/05/2016)
  23. Notifications regarding classes will remain suspended in all Government, Government Sponsored and Non-Government(aided & unaided) secondary schools due to adverse weather condition prevailing in the state. (No:88/Admin/16 dt:09/04/2016)
  24. Postponement of Election for Constitution / Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of all recognized Non-Govt.(Aided & Unaided) Secondary Schools
  25. Singing of National Anthem in Schools
  26. Holiday on 07/03/2016 on account of Sibaratri
  27. Notification regarding secondary curricula & syllabi for the classes IX & X (DS(ACA)/39 Dt.23/02/2016)
  28. Notification regarding internal formative evaluation:theory & practice-X
  29. Notification regarding internal formative evaluation:theory & practice-X (Bengali version)(DS(ACA)/39 Dt.23/02/2016)
  30. Notification regarding internal formative evaluation:theory & practice-X (english version)(DS(ACA)/39 Dt.23/02/2016)
  31. Notification regarding introduction of NSQF(ersthile NVEQF pilot project) scheme in 196 additional schools in West Bengal (DS(ACAD/38/N/25/1) dt:22/02/2016)
  32. Withdrawal of T.B. No. by the WBBSE of the book Adhunik Bhugol - O - Paribesh of Class X by Hajra & Hajra
  33. Ignore 3 Questions written on BLISS (Class-X)
  34. Control Room (MP-2016)
  35. Special instructions to the Officer-in-charge, centre secretaries, venue supervisors / head of the institutions, Addl. venue supervisors, custodians of smooth conduct of Madhyamik Pariksha - 2016 (both regular and external)
  36. Admit Cards of M.P.(S.E) 2016
  37. Notification regarding one day special casual leave in the calender year, 2015
  38. Academic Calender 2016 & Holiday List 2016
  39. Chapter wise division of all subjects for classes IX and X
  40. Guidelines for holding of practical examination, oral test, portfolio, project and direct observation on retail sector, security sector, automobile sector and IT/ITES sector of MP(SE), 2016
  41. Free distribution of WBBSE Published Test Paper 2015-16
  42. Meeting notice of book sellers regarding Test Paper
  43. Format form for permission of extra time in favour of physically challenged/poor vision/hearing impaired/orthopaedically indisposed candidate etc for MP(SE),2016
  44. Format form for permission Amanuensis with extra time for sightless/phycally(orthopaedically) challenged candidate etc for MP(SE),2016
  45. Circular for request for collection of U-Dise code (No:138/Admin/15 dt:28/09/2015)
  46. Circular regarding state and national level painting competition on energy conservation 2015
  47. Notice regarding half day holiday on 18/09/2015 on account of celebration of Viswakarma Puja
  48. Circular regarding Babu Jagjivan Ram all india essay competition 2015
  49. Notice regarding extension of benifit of the Child Care Leave (No:DS(Aca)/400/C/49 dt:10/08/2015)
  50. Notice regarding date of Test Examination of class X (No:DS(Aca)/395 dt:30/07/2015)
  51. Notice regarding re-scheduled programme for issuing T.B No(s)
  52. Notice regarding inclusion of Schools in the Kanyashree portal
  53. Notice regarding IGNITE 15
  54. Notice regarding validity of T.B.No. in favour of the class-IX books for the academic year 2015
  55. Notice regarding all the recognised schools of the Board will be closed at 2.00 pm on the 1st July, 2015 on the account of Late Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy
  56. Notice regarding CCRT workshop
  57. ShOObh Arts competition-2015 shoobh & Photography contest
  58. Booklet on Internal Formative Evaluation: Theory & Practical (Beng) of Class IX
  59. Booklet on Internal Formative Evaluation: Theory & Practical (Eng) of Class IX
  60. Specimen Copy of Progress Report of Class IX
  61. Notice of Publication of Report Card & Booklet
  62. Notice regarding extension of holiday due to extensive heat (No:93/Admin/15 dt.05/06/2015)
  63. Notice regarding filling up of U-DISE Form
  64. Notice regarding Veterinary Council of India will conduct an all India common Entrance Examination 2015
  65. Notice regarding conduct of the W.B.Joint Entrance Examination,2015.
  66. Admit card distribution camp for M.P.(S.E),2015
  67. Evaluation Pattern for Madhyamik (Clas IX, X) Level
  68. Modification of Memo No.N/S/302 dt.22/12/2014. (No.DS(Aca)/203 dt.06/01/2015). [inclusion of Muharram in the holiday list]
  69. Corrigendum of the Memo No.N/S/302, dated.22/12/2014 of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education (No.218/Admin/14 dt.26/12/2014). [Summer Vacation from 18-05-14 to 06-06-14 in place of 19/5 & 7/6]
  70. HMs are requested to collect Class IX books free of cost
  71. Annual Academic Calender 2015 and holiday list
  72. Book list from Class VI - IX
  73. Application Form for permission for Extra Time for Physically challenged/Poor Vission/Hearing Impaired Orthopaedically indisposed candidate of M.P.(S.E.),2015
  74. Notice Regarding books of Class IX for the session 2015
  76. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) (I-VIII)
  77. Notification regarding extension of the tenure of Administrator in the Govt.Sponsored Secondary schools (No.161/Admin/14 Dt.26/09/2014)
  78. Notification regarding puja holidays and cancellation of the previous notification regarding puja holidays notification no. 159/Admin/14 dt.25/09/2014 (No.160/Admin/14 Dt.26/09/2014).
  79. Notification regarding puja holidays(No.159/Admin/14 Dt.25/09/2014)
  80. Notice regarding draft book of History in English version
  81. Notice regarding text book
  82. Amended of Notification:Heads of all the recognised Secondary Institutions of W.B.B.S.E. the class will remain suspended because prevailing heat wave across the state.
  83. Heads of all the recognised Secondary Institutions of W.B.B.S.E. the class will remain suspended because prevailing heat wave across the state.
  84. Notification: Heads of all the recognised Secondary Institutions of W.B.B.S.E. reschedule of summer vacation, 2014
  85. Heads of all the recognised Secondary Institutions of W.B.B.S.E. selected as centres for WB JEE, 2014
  86. Postponement of Election/Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of the Recognised Secondary Schools
  87. Press Note:Control Room for MP(SE)2014(D.S.(E)/102/14).
  88. Press Note:Admit Card distribution camp for MP(SE)2014
  89. Notification redarding revised fees of Mark sheet Admit Card,Certicate,Registration,Migration,Transcript,Verification(N/S/254/13-14)
  90. CCE Booklet (Peacock Model) - Latest Version
  91. Model Holiday List (Revised on 27-Dec-13)
  92. Annual Academic Calender
  93. List of Text Books
  94. Holiday List of West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 2014 (No.:Est/362/2013 Dt:10.12.2013)
  95. Attending training programme/workshops organized by Centre for cultural resources and training(CCRT)(No.:N/S/240 Dt:28.11.2013).
  96. Order regarding holiday of Muharram.
  97. Advertisement for selection of retired staff
  98. Introduction of four more optional elective subjects under NVEQF programme for Madhyamik Pariksha(S.E.),2015 & onwards.(No.DS(E)/31/13 Dt:13/08/2013).
  99. New Syllabi & Curriculum for Class V & VII from the Academic Year,2013(N/S/215 Dt.25/03/2013). | 2nd Link
  100. Appointed Hour,Commencement of class teaching,Daily Assembly, Late Attendance and Hour of staff in school(N/S/212 Dt.20/03/2013).
  101. Rectification of revised Annual Calender,2013(N/S/207 Dt.08/03/2013).
  102. Revised Continious & Comprehensive Evaluation System and Annual Academic Calender from Class V to VIII for the Academic Year,2013
  103. Holiday List 2013.
Annual Working Plan 2016-17 | Camp Details for Distribution of Exam Material for HS Exam-2017


  1. Submission of Contact Details within 31.05.17
  2. Rules of Management of recognised Independent HS Institutions, 1996
  3. List of Venues for Receiving Project Note Books
  4. Submission of Project Note Book H. S. Exam. -2017
  5. Suspension of Classes H. S. Exam 2017
  6. Regarding On Duty H. S. Exam 2017
  7. Suspension of Classes during H. S. Exam 2017
  8. Distribution of Practical Question Papers- 2017
  9. Notification Regarding Upgraded List of H. S. Inst.- 2016
  10. Publication of MCQ Book on Science Subjects
  11. Renewal of Recognition
  12. Engagement of Part-time Teachers
  13. Aadhar Seeking for Scholarship Candidates
  14. Notification Regarding Revised Date for Conducting Practical Exam
  15. Reg. / Annual Exam. Fees Extended
  16. Notifications For All Institution
  17. Notifications Regarding NCPCR & POCSO e-button
  18. Notifications Regarding H. S. Exam 2017
  19. Notification For Bengali A book for Class-XII
  20. Telugu Question Pattern
  21. Study Material --- Philosophy Class XI Part A
  22. Notification For Aadhaar No. in Scholarship
  23. Equivalence - Board of Secondary Education, Manipur
  24. Notifications Regarding Free Text Books For Class XI of some Subjects
  25. Distribution of Books To The Students of Class XI
  26. Notifications regarding PPS/PPR 2016
  27. Changed List of Distribution Camp 2016
  28. H. S. Result 2016 Will Be Published On 16/05/2016
  29. Notifications regarding H. S. Result 2016
  30. Notifications regarding classes will remain suspended in all Government, Government Sponsored and Non-Government(aided & unaided) secondary schools due to adverse weather condition prevailing in the state.
  31. Notification Regarding Project Notes
  32. Study Material of Telugu for Class XII
  33. Renewal of Recognition
  34. Change of Camp for Project
  35. Notification Regarding On Duty
  36. Submission of Project Notebooks
  37. Holiday on 07/03/2016
  38. Notification Regarding Scholarship 2015
  39. On Duty Circular For H. S. Exam 2016
  40. Question Pattern for Vocational Subjects
  41. Press Release Regarding Camp 2016
  42. Notification Regarding Date Extending Submission for Registration & Enrolment Form
  43. Notification For The Publishers For 2016-18 Class XI & XII
  44. Notification Regarding Corrigendum in Sansad Parichiti
  45. Subject Introduction, Introduction of Co-ed and Excess Admission
  46. Practical Syllabus for Agronomy (Class-XI)
  47. Partial modification of Notification No.DS(Exam)/48/2015
  48. Notification Regarding Practical And Project Exam.2016 (Details)
  49. Notification Regarding Practical Exam. 2016
  50. Urgent Notice: HOIs are requested to send E-Mail Id & Mobile no to secretary@wbchse.org.in
  51. Notification regarding Toll Free Helpline 1800 1039 341
  52. Notification Regarding Vocational Subjects
  53. Notification Regarding Scholarship 2015
  54. Essay Competition Arranged By PCRA
  55. Half Day leave For Biswakarma Puja
  56. Notification Regarding Transcript form
  57. Notification Regarding Renewal of Scholarship
  58. Notification Regarding online application of CSS Scholarship 2015
  59. ENVS XII Sample Question
  60. Notification Regarding TET 2015
  61. Merit List 2015
  62. Notification Regarding Scholarship 2015
  63. Notification Regarding Vocational Subjects
  64. Hindi-B Corrected Syllabus
  65. Introduce Vocational Course (Under NVEQF/NSQF)
  66. Withdrawal of Office order No EST/273/2015 dt 26/06/15
  67. Notification Regarding Fees Payment Through NEFT
  68. Notification Regarding Scholarship 2014 And 2015
  69. Notification Regarding New Question Pattern for Agronomy
  70. PPS/PPR Result 2nd Phase
  71. Notification Regarding PPS/PPR Result 2015 (08-07-15)
  72. PPS/PPR Result 1st Phase
  73. URDU Question Pattern 2015-16
  74. Project Guideline for Class-XI & XII
  75. Notification regarding Transcription of M/S & Verification of Result Fees
  76. Important Notice Regarding JEE Qualifier 2015
  77. Intimation For Schools Regarding Question Pattern Books
  78. New Institution Code for Schools in Midnapore
  79. Availability of Bengali A Book for Class XII
  80. Notice regarding JEE MAIN
  81. Notice regarding extension of holiday due to extensive heat
  82. Notification regarding Scholarship 2015
  83. Notification regarding On Line PPS/PPR 2015
  84. Notification for Students regarding H. S. Exam 2015
  85. HS Result 2015 Will Be Published On 29/05/2015
  86. Notification regarding The Publishers for 2015 - 2017 Class XI & Class XII Books
  87. Notification regarding Class XI Bengali Book
  88. Class XI Telugu Study Material
  89. NOC Regarding Part-time Teachers
  90. Rearrange the schedule of conducting the Annual Practical Examination 2015 of Class XI
  91. Instructions regarding HS & XI Annual Exam 2015
  92. Admit Card & Class XI Registration Card Distribution
  93. Examination Guideline 2015
  94. Question Pattern for H. S. Examination 2015
  95. Notification regarding Additional Collection of Project Answer Paper
  96. Notification regarding Scholarship for College and University Students
  97. Notification regarding Collection of Project Answer Paper
  98. BNGB Question Pattern (Class XII New Syllabus)
  99. Pertial Modification of Notification No. DS(Exam.)/45/2014 dt. 09/12/2014
  100. Notification regarding Practical Exam. of health & Physacal Education for H. S. Exam -2015
  101. Submission of Marks and Answer Scripts of Practical And Project Papers (H. S. Exam -2015)
  102. Notification regarding Self-attestation
  103. Importent Notice for Camp (H. S. Exam -2015)
  104. Scholarship Guidelines
  105. Press Release
  106. Registration of 2014-15 extended upto 16.12.2014
  107. NEFT Form for Payment
  108. Notification regarding HS Exam 2015 (Part A & B Separation)
  109. JMCN Guidelines Class - XII
  110. JMCN Model Question Paper Class XII
  111. PHED Class-XII Unit - 4
  112. Notification regarding calculation of grand total of H. S. Exam.- 2016
  113. Notification Regarding Registration Form Fillup
  114. PHED Class - XII Project Guideline
  115. PHED Class - XII Unit - 3
  116. PHED Class - XII Unit - 2
  117. PHED Class - XII Unit - 1
  118. H.S. Question Pattern for BNGA,SANT etc.
  119. Sample Question Set including Question Pattern for Class XII
  120. Question Pattern for Class XII (Math etc)
  121. Invitation of Opinion
  122. Notification regarding Teaching of Class-XII Bengali-A Text Book
  123. Notification regarding Class XII BNGA Book
  124. Notification Regarding Question Pattern
  125. Notification Regarding PPS/PPR
  126. PPS / PPR Result Published | View Result
  127. Notification regarding Class-XII Bengali-A Text Book
  128. Notification regarding summer vacation
  129. Notification regarding RTI
  130. Notification regarding PPS/PPR
  131. Notification regarding Class XI Bengali Language and Culture
  132. Notification regarding Health & Physical Edu. Class XI Practical Exam 2014
  133. Notification Regarding Syllabus
    (View in JPG)
  134. Notification Regarding Sample Question
  135. President Note on Question Pattern change
  136. Question Structure & Specimen Questions (For Class XI Annual Examination)
  137. Question Structure (For Class XI Annual Exam, 13-14)
  138. Notification regarding PPS/PPRs
  139. Annual Working Plan