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Class V to X Syllabus (WBBSE) 2015 Onwards
National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 - Summary | Final
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Preperation of Class Routine for H.S. Schools

Courtesy: Mihir Acharya   

The daily class teaching centered activities of the school proceeds with the hands of the clock and for that reason, the time table of the schools is termed as the "SECOND SCHOOL CLOCK"

  1. The making of a school time table requires much time and labour. The time limit for preparation of a balanced school time-table is limited and that is the primary difficulty. The other difficulties and drawbacks are want of adequate number of duly qualified teachers, class-room and teaching equipment and appliances.
  2. Undoubtedly the factor- attention of the taught should be stressed upon while making a school time-table. The harder subjects which demand more attention of the taught , should be placed in the periods no. 1 to 4 before recess. The maker of the school time-table must know that is the first part of each days working hours, the attention of the students may be extracted as per expectation,but no such thing happens at the latter part of the working hours of the day.Similarly , at the time of framing the time-table it is to be remembered that at the beginning of the Monday after Sunday's break the attentions of the taught may not satisfy the expectation,particular at the first stage of the day's proceedings.
  3. The availability of the teaching appliances should always be kept in eye/notice while putting particularly the classes of Math. and Geo. of different classes. Suppose in a particular period, it is seen that as many as five classes have similar subject like Math. or Geo. in the same period and 5 sets of required Maps,Globe or the appliances for teaching Math.s are not available and thereby the defect of the time-table will be detected.
  4. 2nd, 3rd and 4th periods may be considered as ideal periods for harder subjects.
  5. The maker of time-table should be alert about the monotony of subjects and fatigue and tiredness of the taught.
  6. For both the newly introduced subjects only one / two (theory / practical) period(s) per week is to be allotted for classes VI-XII in case of Environmental Science and for class VI -X the period of Life Style.
  7. Two periods of work education and physical education are to be allotted for classes VI-VIII.
  8. In case of XI-XII all theoretical classes are to be allotted 6 periods and practical for 2 periods (at a time i.e. 6 & 7 periods)
  9. At first the time-table is prepared class wise and then teacher wise.
  10. No of classes
  11. 1 period of HS section is equal to 1.25 of Madhyamik Section.
  12. Total class in a week is to be followed :- Class V - IX (2015), XI - XII = (6x6 = 36 theory) + 2 (practical) + 2 (EVS - 1 for theory, 1 for project work) = 38/40.
  13. Details of Maximum Class Load per week