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Latest 20 Notifications / G.O.s
WBCHSE (2024-07-18): Admission & Registration of Drop out Students Passed Madhyamik Examination in 2020 & 2021
WBCHSE (2024-07-17): Notification Regarding Online submission of Registration Form with Fine
WBBSE (2024-07-11): Introduction of Online Registration for Class IX Students (2024)
WBCHSE (2024-07-10): Notification Regarding Last Date of applying for Subject Introduction
WBCHSE (2024-07-10): Notification Regarding Renewal of Recognition processing
WBCHSE (2024-07-10): Notification Regarding Semester – II Examination Routine 2025
WBCHSE (2024-07-10): Notification Regarding Semester – I Examination Routine 2024
WBCHSE (2024-07-09): Notification Regarding further date extension of online submission of Registration Form till 16.07.24
WBBSE (2024-07-08): Introduction of 3 more optional elective subjects and exclusion of 2 optional elective subjects and change of code for MP (SE) 2026 onwards
WBBSE (2024-07-08): Notification Regarding Collection of Bank Account and Other Details for Secondary Examination (SE) 2024 Grant
WBBME (2024-07-05): WBBME Examination Schedule – 2025
WBCHSE (2024-07-04): Notification Regarding Structure Change in The Subject JMCN
WBCHSE (2024-07-04): Distribution of Books to the Students of Class XI of Private/Self financed Institutions
WBCHSE (2024-07-04): Notification Regarding Extension of Last Date for Renewal of Recognition
WBCHSE (2024-07-03): Notification Regarding Re-Registration (poor response)
WBCHSE (2024-06-28): Notification Regarding date extension of online submission of Registration Form
WBCHSE (2024-06-28): Notification Regarding Re-registration in AY 2024-2025
WBBSE (2024-06-28): Submission of Answer Scripts for PPR, PPS and RTI Requests
WBBME (2024-06-24): PPR/PPS result of High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination – 2024 on 25.06.24 at 2pm