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Information on Mutual Transfer

We have made an appropriate platform for all the teachers and non-teaching staff who are desperately seeking MUTUAL TRANSFER. Unofficial databases has been created by the ADMINS team of WE THE TEACHERS to help the teachers and non-teaching staffs in searching partners for mutual transfers. In these Database Teachers and Non-teaching staffs will be able to view the existing Database based on the data submitted by the visitors of We the Teachers free of cost. They also will be able to submit Own Data as per the Form given on the page. WTT request you not to submit Mobile Nos. for Security reasons. Hope this step may help the Teaching / Non-teaching staff of secondary / higher secondary School and Madrasah of West Bengal to find Partner for Mutual Transfer. From the beginning our Database was ONLY for Bengali Medium. On demand of the Visitors from 25-09-16 we added the Medium Option. Now open to all.

Submit Info & Search Mutual Transfer Database in our New Sub Domain = https://mutual.wetheteachers.in

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WBBSE/UTSASHREE (12-05-22): Cancellation of 27 Mutual Transfer Order of 54 Candidates new


  • From May, 2013 Application can be done throughout the year.
  • After verification candidates will be called for counselling.
  • Then they will be recommended.
  • Draft amount is Rs. 2500/- for eache candidate.
  • To know more Click Here & View Rules.
  • View Rule - Click Here or Here
  • Application Form Download - Click Here or Here
  • Notice for General/Mutual Transfer (2013) - 1st Link or 2nd lind

FAQs: Source: G.O. No. 164(2)-SE(S)/10M-67/14 Date: 03/03/2015
Q1. Whether a teacher transferred from one school to his desired school will undergo a probation period of 2 years further in the new school.
Ans: As a confirmed teacher is only eligible for the said transfer no further period of probation in the new school will require.

Q2. Whether the deputation facility will be provided to a teacher transferred from one school by way of the above rules.
Ans: The teacher will avail the opportunity as per existing norms. However, his seniority shall be counted from the date of joining in the 1st school.

Q3. Whether the part salary will have to be refunded if the teacher is released before completion of the month.
Ans: A teacher may be released before completion of the month in that case the old school will pay due salary for the entire month which is to be noted in the LPC and the new school will draw salary for the next month even he/she joins in the new school before expiry of previous month.

Q4. Whether the leave in credit will be carried forward to the new place of posting.
Ans: Any type of leave in credit mentioned in the LPC will be carried forward in the new school.

Q5. Whether the old school will issue release order on the basis of recommendation made by the SSC. Whether resolution of Managing Committee will be required. Whether the new school will issue appointment letter with effect from the date of joining of the teacher.
Ans: As the candidate applied with the approval of the Managing Committee for transfer, hence, further resolution of the Managing Committee is not required to move one school to another school on the basis of recommendation made by the SSC. The teacher will be released by the Headmaster / Secretary of the school after receiving instruction from the DIS (SE) of the concerned district. The new school on the basis of release order, recommendation of the WBSSC and direction of the DIS (SE) concerned will issue appointment letter.

Q6. Whether a teacher is under leave, on deputation, on suspension will be allowed to join after returning from leave, deputation, suspension. Whether he has to join within 03 (three) days.
Ans: In the rule there is no binding for a teacher to join within 03 (three) days or so after release from the old school to join in the new school. If the teacher does not join within 03 days, the rest period of absence will be deducted from leave account. The teachers already in leave or deputation or suspension will join after availing of leave or after completion of deputation. But the teacher has to submit his/her leave statement and other documents relating to transfer alongwith a prayer for continuation of leave and release salary w.e.f a certain date the Headmaster / Headmistress of the new school where he/she has been recommended to join on transfer. The new school will draw salary w.e.f the date of reporting of the teacher.The teacher suspended after receiving recommendation for transfer will not be released till the teacher is reinstated or the disciplinary proceedings are completed.

Q7. Whether the new roster point will be created when a teacher is transferred.
Ans: When a teacher is released from a school but without receiving any substitute the vacancy will be considered as a new vacancy and will be placed at the new roster point.