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Pay Rules (ROPA '09 & ROPA '19), Online Salary (iOSMS v2), Income Tax

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Pay Rules (ROPA 2009, ROPA 2019)

Online Salary

i-OSMS V.2:

  • User Manual of Sanctioned Post Details Module (HoI)new
  • Manual for Online Staff Pattern | Clarifications (Source: Email from Birbhum DI)
  • Procedure to Transfer Profile for an AT joined as HM under Lien
  • Pay Slip Generation Now available after HOI Login
  • OTPbased Login started from 01.11.2017
  • NOTICE : Kindly update official Email ID and Mobile No. properly within this month, other wise you cannot login to iOSMS from the next month as we are going to introduce OTP(One Time Password) based login system through email from next month (November, 2017).
  • STEPS of Transfer Module (School A to School B)
    1. HOI of School B to initiate transfer Request by selecting the Teacher by Employee Code or PAN
    2. Select Dist ⇒ Select DDO ⇒ Select School ⇒ Select Teacher
    3. HOI of School A to accept Transfer Request
    4. After acceptance the Profile of the Teacher will be transferred to HOI login of School B
    5. HOI of School B to send this Profile to DDO of School B
    6. DDO of School B to accept the profile. During acceptance DDO to modify
      • Approval No
      • Approval Date
      • Salary Source (if required)
      • Bank IFSC (If required)
      • If any field kept blank (Subject etc.)
    7. After acceptance by DDO, the employee will be added in Salary Table of School B with the same Pay as enjoyed in previous school.

OSMS v.1