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WBBME (29-10-21): Reopening of all recognized Madrasahs in the State from November 16, 2021
WBCHSE (29-10-21): Proposal for opening of School
WBBSE (29-10-21): Proposal for opening of School at Secondary / Higher Secondary Level
MP & HS 2022 (28-10-21): Joint Press Meet by WBBSE & WBCHSE
NAS 2021 (28-10-21): Search NAS Selection Status by DISEList of Selected School
NAS 2021 (27-10-21): Introductory Memo for Sample SchoolsCircular related to Data and List of Sample Schools
WBCHSE (07-10-21): Discarded portions from syllabus of subjects [other than science subjects]
WBCHSE (07-10-21): Reduced Syllabus & Question Pattern for Science Subjects
WBBSE (05-10-21): Appointment of Clerk and Group-D in Compassionate Ground on 08-10-21
MCQ ADAPTATION PACKAGE FOR NAS (03-10-21): Class-III Class-V Class-VIII Class-X
NAS 2021 (03-10-21): General InstructionInstruction to HOI
WBBSE (30-09-21): Transfer Posting due to Model Code of Conduct
WBBME (30-09-21): Notice for the Extension of Date for Registration and Checklist – 2021
WBBSE (24-09-21): Appointment of Clerk and Group-D in Compassionate Ground on 28-09-21
WBBSE (21-09-21): Appointment of Clerk and Group-D in Compassionate Ground on 23-09-21
WBBSE (19-09-21): Appointment of Clerk and Group-D in Compassionate Ground on 21-09-21
WBBME (17-09-21): Reduced Syllabus for Fazil Examination-2022Reduced Syllabus for Alim Examination-2022
WBBSE (13-09-21): Registration Data Online Verification Portal Now Available
WBBME (13-09-21): Regarding Marksheet of Fazil 1st Year
WBBME (10-09-21): Student Registration PortalInstructions Manual and User Guidelines
WBBSE (10-09-21): Notification Regarding Confirmation of Teaching and Non-teaching Staff including Librarian
WBBSE (09-09-21): Notification Regarding Online Verification of Student Data
WBBSE (09-09-21): Appointment of Clerk and Group - D in Compassionate Ground
OSMSv2 (07-09-21): Bonus (2020-21) Requisition Link activated
WTT TOOL (07-09-21): Class XI Marksheet (2021) Preparation Tool
WBCHSE (06-09-21): Submission of Annual Result of Class-XI, 2021
WBBME (06-09-21): Reduced Syllabus of High Madrasah Examination 2022
WBBSE/UTSASHREE (05-09-21): Notification regarding system generated error in Mutual Transfer orders through Utsashree portal
WBBME (26-08-21): Reduced Syllabus and Marks distribution for H.M. Exam & Alim Exam – 2022 will be published shortly
WBCHSE (26-08-21): Review Result Phase-8 | Review Result Phase-7
WBBPE-TET (25-08-21): Question Booklet along with Answer Key of TET-2017 Exam Uploaded, Drop your comments at Office
WBCHSE (25-08-21): Review Result Phase-6
WBCHSE (24-08-21): Review Result Phase-5
WBBSE (24-08-21): Notification regarding Syllabus of Madhyamik Exam 2022
WBBSE (19-08-21): New Current A/c details and Challan for all types of fees remittance
WBMSC (19-08-21): Download Call Letter for Personality Test for 7th SLST (HM/SUPER) 2020
WBMSC (18-08-21): Download Call Letter for Personality Test for 6th SLST(AT) (Physical / Work Education) (Pass) 2013
WBBME (18-08-21): Notice for Online Registration – 2021
WBBME (16-08-21): Reduced syllabus & Question pattern of XI annual Examination & Fazil Examination 2022
WBCHSE - Evaluation Procedure for Class-XI
WBCHSE - Review Result Phase-4 | Review Result Phase-3 | Review Result Phase-2 | Review Result Phase-1
WBMSC Result - HM/Super (7th SLST) | Ph Edn (6th SLST) | W. Edn. (6th SLST)
WBMSC - Result of HM/Super (7th SLST) & WEd-PEd (6th SLST) will be published on 11-08-21 at 6pm
WBCSSC (1ST SLST 2016, UP) - Login to Download Intimation Letter for reasoned hearing of grievances | LIST OF CANDIDATES FOR REASONED HEARING FROM 10/08/2021 TO 17/08/2021
WBCHSE - Continuation of reduce Syllabus upto 2022
WBCHSE - Regarding Class-XII Admission in other School
WBCSSC (1ST SLST 2016, UP) - Public Notice for reasoned hearing of grievances on and from 10-08-2021
WBBSE - Date, Time, Venue for Medical Board Gr - D Candidate (Absent)
WBBME - Offline support to students of madrasahs (Assignment & Test)
উৎসশ্রী - Portal (Now Opened) | ☎ 1800-102-3154 | 📱 +91-8902602519 | 📧 onlineteachertransfer@gmail.com
উৎসশ্রী - Introduction of online transfer portal "Utshashree" for teachers on 31-07-21
WBCHSE - Permission of Excess Admission (maximum 400) in Class XI
WBCHSE - Review Notification | Contact Regional office on and from 29-07-21
WBCSSC (1ST SLST 2016, UP) - Public Notice for Extension of Receiving Grievances till 31-07-21
WBCHSE - Review of H.S. Result
WBBME - View Result of High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination 2021
WBCHSE - Notification Regarding RegistrationNotification Regarding Review
WBCHSE - VIEW H.S. RESULT 2021 (4pm Onwards) | Schedule of Admission into class XI of the H.S course
WBBME - All India Radio Programme On Class Room Learning Teaching 2021
WBCHSE - Introduction of Some Vocational Subjects | Eligibility for admission into certain elective subjects
MADHYAMIK RESULT 2021 - VIEW RESULT [Passed = 100%, Highest = 697 (79 Candidates)]
WBCHSE - Distribution of Marksheet & Certificate from the Distribution Camps
WBBSE - Notification regarding Camp office for Distribution of Admits, Marksheets & Certificates on 20-07-21
WBCSSC SLST 2016 (UP) - Download intimation letter for interview | Public Notice for downloading Intimation Letter for attending Interview
WBBSE - Madhyamik Result 2021 will be available online on 20-07-21 at 10am
WBCHSE - HS Result 2021 will be available online on 22-07-21 at 4pm
WBBPE (PTET 2014) - Intimation of Counselling VENUE for Appointment for TET-2014 qualified and trained candidates
WBCSSC SLST 2016 (UP) - Public Notice for Grievance Redressal Prayer
WBCSSC SLST 2016 (UP) - View List of Qualified Candidates | View List of Not Qualified Candidates | View List of Rejected Candidates | View List of Untrained Candidates
WBCSSC SLST 2016 (UP) - View Maximum and Minimum Marks of Qualified candidates | Public Notice for Viewing Interview List
Primary TET - Notice for Online state level counselling for appointment of the remaining merit listed candidates
Transfer Portal - PRIMARY option Now Available on Teacher Transfer Portal (Official) OSMS Type
WBBME - Corrigendum on Fazil Marks Calculation
WBBSE - Resubmission of Marks of Class IX due to wrong submission from 27-06-21 to 28-06-21 11am
WBBME - wbbmedata.com | Collection of Marks of Annual Examination of Class IX for the Appeared Candidates on and from 27-06-21, 11am
WBCHSE - Instruction of preservation of Marks Foil and Answer Scripts of Class XI Exam 2020
WBCSSC - Interview List in c/w 1st SLST, 2016 (Upper-Primary Level Except Physical Education and Work Education)
WBCSSC - Public Notice for Viewing Interview List in c/w 1st SLST, 2016 (Upper-Primary Level Except Physical Education and Work Education)
WBCHSE - Submission of hard copy of marks foil of Class-XI Annual Examination to respective Regional Office of the Council or to the Head Office of the Council within 23/06/2021
WBBSE - wbbsedata.com | INSTRUCTION | Unique website to collect marks of Class IX for the regular candidate of MPSE 2021
WBBME - Evaluation of High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination – 2021
WBCHSE - Evaluation Process of H.S. Exam. 2021
WBBME - Extension of the tenure of Managing Committee of Madrasah upto 31-12-21
WBCHSE - Press conference on 18-06-21 at 4pm regarding Evaluation pattern of Madhyamik & HS Exam 2021
WBBME - Cancellation of Fazil 1st Year (XI) Exam and Admission to Class XII within 31-07-21
WBCHSE - Promotion of Students of Class XI to XII and Admission in XII within 15-07-2021
WBSED - Inviting views/opinions from the General public, Guardians/parents, students regarding Board Exams
WBCHSE - Notification regarding Renewal of Recognition, Subject Introduction and Continuation As Per Rule
WBBME - Assignment to the Students of Madrasahs
Madrasah Service - WB Madrasah Service Commission's Website now officially available at wbmsc.co.in
WBBME - Arrangement of MDM during Summer Vacation in Madrasahs
WBBME - Fazil, High Madrasah and Alim Exam 2021 are postponed and will not be held in June, will be announced later
WBCHSE - HS Exam 2021 is postponed and will not be held in June, will be announced later
WBBSE - Madhyamik Exam 2021 is postponed and will not be held in June, will be announced later
Bonus 2020-21 - Grant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the State Government Employees and some other categories of Employees for the year 2020-2021
WBBSE - Extension of Joining of HM / AT / NT Staff
WBBME - Sample Questions 2021: Alim | High Madrasah
WBCHSE - Notification regarding H.S. Exam.-2021 & Annual Exam.-2021
WBBME - Summer Vacation-2021
WBBSE - Notification Regarding Summer Vacation of Schools
WBBME - Revised Holiday List-2021
WBBSE - MP 2021 Exam Schedule remains unaltered as notified vide Memo No EMU/C/35 dated 26-12-20
WBCHSE - Subject-wise Question Pattern for Class XI Annual Examination, 2021 [Phase III]
WBMSC - The last date of submission of online application for General Transfer is hereby extended upto 18th May, 2021
WBBSE - User Manual to Create School Credential (User Login)Registration of Schools (in WBBBSE's New Website) must be completed by 30-04-21
WBCHSE - E-Mail (hs2021query@gmail.com) Helpline for H. S. Examinees 2021 | Reduction in syllabus of Class XI Annual Examination, 2021 [Final Phase]
WBCHSE - Teachers Data Sheet | Relaxation of Practical Examination Date
WBCHSE - Subject-wise (HS) Question Pattern [Phase III] | Subject-wise (HS & XI) Question Pattern [Phase II]Guideline for Practical Examination 2021
WBBSE - Notice regarding appointment in Santhali Medium of Schools
SSC (SLTST 2020) - Public Notice for publication of Merit Based Panel | View Merit Based Panel
Para Teacher - Enahancement of remuneration @ 3%
WBCHSE - Subject-wise Question Pattern
WBBSE - Confirmation of services of new recruits who have been transferred after joining
WBMSC - Online Application Portal for General Transfer 2021
WBMSC - Notice for Online Application of General Transfer
MA & ME - Reopening of Madrasahs under MA & ME Department
SED - COVID-19 General Guidelines on Reopening of Schools
CSE - Reopening of Schools under School Education Department
WBCHSE - Class XI Practical exam should be conducted between 10.07.21 and 26.07.21
PRIMARY TET ADMIT CARD - Download using ID / Application NoDownload using Dist, Name & DOB
WBMSC - Download General Transfer Recommendation Letter 2020
WBCHSE - Topics for Practical Exam (XI & XII) 2021 [Date: 10-03-21 to 31-03-21]

SSC SLTST - Schedule of examinations for Selection for the posts of Assistant Teachers in Santhali Medium Schools Only
WBBME - Last date of Submission of Application Form of Board Exam 2021 is 31-Jan-2021
Sabooj Sathi Phase VII - New entry, verification & Finalization started today i.e., 19-01-21 evening
WBBSE - Camp offices are scheduled on 19/01/2021 and 20/01/2021
WBBSE - Notification to all D.I. regarding confirmation of the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff including Librarian
Medical Test - Medical Examination of Assistant Teachers for IX-X & XI-XII of North 24 Pgs, Murshidabad & Nadia Dist
WBMSC - Exam Centre changed for WEd Candidates whose seats were allotted in Kharagpur Utkal VidyapithDownload updated Admit Card of changed venue
WBCHSE - Fill Up (% of attendance) of Enrolment Form | Preservation of Non-Lab Project Notebook
WBCHSE - Reduction in Syllabus of H.S Examination, 2021 [Final Phase]
WBBME - High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Exam Schedule 2021
SSC - Click here for uploading documents in c/w 1st SLST, 2016
SSC - Detailed Guidelines for Verification Process in c/w 1st SLST, 2016: Page 1Page 2
WBBPE - Notification for Holding TET-2017
WBCHSE - Reduction in Syllabus 2021: Class XI (Phase IV)Class XII (Phase II)
WBMSC - Download Web Enabled Admit card for (PEd & WEd) of 6th SLST(AT) 2013
SSC - Verification in c/w 1st SLST, 2016 (Upper-Primary Level Except Physical Education and Work Education)
WBMSC - Download Web Enabled Admit card for 7th SLST (HM/Super) 2020
WBBSE - Madhyamik Pariksha (S.E.) 2021 Routine
WBCHSE - Class XI & HS Revised Routine 2021 | Class XI & HS Exam Routine 2021 | Practical Examination 2021
WBBPE - Notification for Recruitment of Primary Teachers
WBBSE - Notification regarding confirmation of the Teaching and Non-Teaching staff including Librarian
WBBSE - Model Holiday List 2021
SSC - New Rule in c/w 1st State Level Teachers' Selection Test (SLTST), 2020
NTSE & NMMSE - Date of NTSE 2021 and NMMSE 2020 Examination is rescheduled on 24.01.2021
WBCHSE - Reduction in Syllabus of XI Annual Exam 2021 - Phase I | Phase II | Phase III
WB Finance Dept - Grant of DA @3% of Basic Pay (upto Rs 201000) w.e.f. 01.01.2021
DME - Guidelines for Admission 2021 for the Madrasahs
WBBSE - Blueprint of Syllabus for Madhyamik 2021
WBCHSE - Submission of Non-Lab Project Notebook of H.S. Exam. 2021
WBBME - Promotion to next class and examination at Madrasah level (AY 2020)
WBBSE - Notification regarding decision taken about Promotion (VI to IX) and Selection Test of Class X
WBBSE - Syllabus (Minor First Language and Second Language) for Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2021
WBBSE - Camp offices are scheduled to be held on 16th and 17th December 2020
DSE (MEMORANDUM FOR ADMISSION OF CHILDREN IN ELEMENTARY CLASSES IN THE ACADEMIC SESSION 2021) - 524-SE(EE)10M-186/2010 dt 25.11.2020 | 525-SE(EE)10M-186/2010 dt 25.11.2020 | Get Official Link Here
WBMSC - Vacancy Details for General Transfer
WBBSE - Syllabus for Madhyamik Pariksha (Secondary Examination), 2021
WBCHSE - Reduction in H.S. Syllabus for H.S. Exam. 2021 | Distribution Camp on 05/01/2021 for H.S. Exam. 2021
WBBPE / Primary TET - Login for online submission | FAQ
WBMSC - List of Applicants with Counselling Schedule | Counselling Schedule for General Transfer
WBCHSE - H. S. Questions-Answers Book
WBBPE / Primary TET - Notification for Online Applications for the further process of Recruitment of training qualifications of TET-2014 qualified trained candidate
WBMSC - WEd PEd Exam Notice | HM/Super Exam Notice | General Transfer Notice
NMMSE 2020 - NMMSE Instruction User Manual
NTSE 2021 - NTSE Instruction User Manual
iOSMS - Major Issues in November, 2020
WBBSE - Notification regarding modification of date of receiving aplication for certified photocopy of answer scripts of M.P. (S.E.), 2020
SSC-MT Orders - Download Recommendation Letters (of 255 Teachers) in pdf
SSC-MT - List of transfer seekers and Recommendation letter will be available on 20.10.2020
WBBSE - Result of PPR / PPS of M.P.(S.E.), 2020 published on 21/10/2020 at 1 P.M. | Result Links
Transfer (School) - All the aspirant seeking transfer shall apply to the Commissioner of SED (Source)
WBCHSE - Change in Subject Combination in Set III
Election 2021 - West Bengal Polling Personnel Management System
D.El.Ed Exam 2020 - Clarifications reagrding the holding of Part-II Exam (2018-20)
Sabooj Sathi 2020 - Distribution Record Generation & Download available now
WBCHSE - Publication of PPS/PPR Result
WBCHSE - Extension of Registration Date
WBBSE - Camp Offices are Scheduled to be held on 14th & 15th October, 2020 for distribution of Registration Certificates & Blank Regn Form
BOOK DISTRIBUTION 2021 - SED (School) | DME (Madrasah)
WBCHSE - Class XI Admission Date extended upto 15.10.2020
WBCHSE - Maintenance of Health Protocols Related to Covid 19 During Registration Form Fillup
Sabooj Sathi 2020 - View Date wise Login Schedule of diiferent districts
WBFinDept - Salary disbursement for the month of October, 2020
iOSMS - User Manual of Sanctioned Post Details Module (HoI)
Sabooj Sathi 2020 - SOP for Sabooj Sathi Portal in Phase VI (Class IX, 2020)
WBCSSC - Special Ground Transfer Recommendation Letter Download Notice Phase 5
WBCHSE - Notification Regarding Online Fees Collection | Pay Fees Online
GoWB - Schools will remain closed up to 30.09.20
WBMSC (HM) - Online Application for 7th SLST(HM/Super) 2020 | Instruction Guidelines | Apply Online
WBBSE - Submission of Check List of class IX (2019) by schools going on at R.E.C. Kolkata, Derozio Bhawan (from 3-Sep to 10-Sep)
SOP-GoI - SOP for partial reopening of Schools for students of 9th to 12th classes on a voluntary basis, for taking guidance from their teachers
WBCHSE - Registration of Class XI students of 2020-21 academic year
WBCHSE - Notification Regarding PPS/PPR & RTI Application
WBBME - Regarding Checklist (Class X) Download and Submission
MDM - Distribution of MDM Material for the month of Sep, Oct & Nov, 2020|  Addendum
SSC - Special Ground Transfer Recommendation Letter Download Notice Phase 4
WBBSE - Submission of Check List by schools at R.E.C. Kolkata shall remain suspended on and from 26-8-20
BS Portal - Banglar Shiksha Portal's School Website Tutorial
SED - Schools will remain closed up to 31.08.20
WBBSE - Notification regarding submission of Check List/ Scrutiny List of class IX (2019)
Primary Teachers - Admission Notification to two years (Session: 2020-2022) D.El.Ed. for In-Service Primary Teachers
D.El.Ed. - Notification for online admission to two year D.El.Ed. Course (regular/face to face mode) for the session 2020-2022 in the institutions recognised by NCTE & affiliated to West Bengal Board of Primary Education
WBBME - PPS / PPR upto 31-08-20
WBBME - PPS / PPR documents may be sent through email also
WBBME - Extension of MC Tenure considering present situation due to COVID-19 (28/7/20)
WBCHSE - Promotion To Class-XII
WBCHSE - Extension of Admission Date for class XII
WBCHSE - Preservation of Project (Non Lab) Note Books
WBCHSE - Rules For Online/Offline PPS/PPR 2020 (31-7 to 31-8)
WBCHSE - PORTAL FOR ONLINE SUBMISSION OF PPS/PPR 2020 (Up to the midnight of 31/08/2020)
WBCSSC - Notice for general information on Special Transfer [Phase-2]
WBCSSC - Download Recommendation Letter for Special Ground Transfer
WBCHSE - HS Result Helpline 2020
WBBSE - Special Ground Transfer Appointment Letters e-mailed (Click for Instruction)
WBBSE - Order regarding distribution of result of M.P. (S.E), 2020 & 50% attendance
WBCHSE - Notification Regarding "Sanction of Leave"
WBCHSE - Notification for Head Examiners / Examiners
WBCHSE - Notification Regarding Class XI Marks Submission
WBCHSE - Notification regarding Books (XII) & Marks submission
WBCHSE - Programme of Deferred HS Examination 2020 (Scheduled on 2, 6 & 8 Jun, 2020)
WBBSE - Notification regarding all All Head Examiners and concerned Examiners of M.P. (S.E), 2020
BONUS 2019-20 - Payment of Bonus/Ex-gratia grant to the employees of Public Undertakings for the year 2019-2020