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An Advt. & Payment Free Site for WB Teachers

          If you are a teacher, you have come to the right place. This site is solely dedicated to the teachers who are the real backbone of our society. This website is interlinked with the WE THE TEACHERS group and We The Teachers Fb Page in Facebook. Our Facebook group is one of the largest, most Updated and Comprehensive Teachers-centric groups in West Bengal. The number of members in the group is always on the rise. Our motto is to bring all the teachers in West Bengal under the same roof. Together we will fight against injustice and humiliation that the teachers face each and everyday. We hope to share our knowledge and experience in and outside the classroom.
          As we are mainly providing links to the other sites, some may be found to be broken. So, if any broken link is noticed please inform us through e-mail (, so that we can rectify it as early as possible.

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